Clinching Technology

An integral part of CHAD's automation solutions, this patented high-speed single pin lead clinch system provides the most flexible clinching available. Capable of clinching any number of leads in any direction (0 - 360°), it is completely programmable. With this system, no tool changes are necessary and there are no limits to the number of components that can be clinched on a board. CHAD clinching systems can clinch lead diameters up to .062 and can be raised or lowered anywhere in its path to avoid underboard components.

For applications where flexibility is not critical, a dedicated clinch design can be integrated. The tooling is custom designed for each board and offers a reduction in cycle time.

Image of IQ clinching odd form machine equipment
  Image of CHAD Patented single pin programmable clinch for circuit board assembly  
Movie of CHAD patented programmable clinch pin
Image of CHAD dedicated clinch mechanism for circuit board assembly  
Movie of dedicated lead clinch for circuit board assembly
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