Component Grippers

CHAD's compliment of grippers handle all ranges of flexibility and volume. Each gripper combines the intelligence, accuracy and speed needed to adapt to the varying applications in circuit board assembly. No other gripper offering supplies the level of flexibility and throughput offered by CHAD grippers.

Grippers may be applied to any of the CHAD standard robotic systems. Tool changer options are also available for specific application needs.

Each gripper design includes part-sensing and misinsertion sensing.

Please review the innovative gripper designs, as they are key to CHAD's continued success in the Odd-Form circuit board industry.

Image of 3d_compliant_gripper_gripping_toriod Image of CHAD patented 3D complian gripper for all odd form components
PDF of CHAD patented 3D compliant gripper for odd form circuitboard assembly
Movie of compliant odd form component gripper
Image of CHAD multiple grip gripper cose up gripping connector Image of CHAD MGE mulitple grip gripper for medium volume circuit board assembly
Movie of CHAD MGE gripper placing parts in a circuit board
Image of Single grip dedicated gripper for odd form components Image of CHAD SGE single grip end effector
Movie of CHAD SGE placing LED components into a circuit board
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