Chad Industries has developed a suite of vision tools for the placement of Odd-Form components into circuit boards.

With leading-edge vision systems integrated into our standard equipment, the location, inspection and ultimate placement of components is guaranteed when the proper vision tools are applied.

All automated CHAD circuit board assembly systems are controlled with the sophisticated Adept Controller. The Adept Controller not only has the power to control the mechanisms, but is also the only controller with vision truly integrated into the motion controller. Cameras can be mounted to the robot to inspect features or components on the board, or mounted to the deck to reference components in the robot gripper.

Additionally, vision can be adapted directly to any CHAD smart feeder. Smart feeders are controlled by a Keyence PLC and vision can be integrated directly to the PLC for part inspection or barcode reading.

In special automation applications, the use of standard COGNEX application vision packages can also be integrated into the systems.

No matter the vision challenge, CHAD and it's vision partners have the tools to solve it.

Board fiducial and hole location for thru hole and SMT part placement. Image of vision location of board fiducials or holes for odd form component placement
Lead inspection before insertion. Including lead pitch, lead with, lead length.

Image of lead inspection and location refinement before placement into the circuit board

Above board component inspection of parts inserted on the board.

Image of above board component inspection of parts inserted on the board
Under board inspection of lead protrusion. 100% inspection of leads thru the board for guaranteed Zero Defects.
Image of 100% inspection of leads thru the board
Part location from bulk feeder or conveyor (with converyor tracking option). Image of part location from bulk feeder or conveyor
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