Custom Automation Projects

CHAD Industries has over 30 years of experience integrating many different robot brands and configurations. With this experience, CHAD can design and build wafer handling systems that are production ready, featuring robust mechanical performance and reliable software. CHAD can address your application requirements with the right combination of tools and controls.

The applications illustrated on this page are a small sample of the automation projects we have integrated.

Mylar Handing and Sheering machine for backlight displays.

IMAGE of custom mylar handing and shearing system using Adept Smart Axis
Movie of mylar handling and shearing automated system
Configurable seal plug insertion machine. High-speed insertion head options with mis-insertion sensing.
Image of CHAD Automated plug insertion machine PDF of CHAD connector plug insertion machine
EBS Epoxy Bonding System for fiber to fiber alignment.
IMAGE of Photonics nanopositioning and epoxy bonding assembly system
PDF of CHAD EBS Epoxy Bonding System
Movie of collimator assembly system with alignment, epoxy bonding and curing
Automated vial handler.
Image of Varian system with CHAD automated vile handling system
Movie of CHAD NMR vile sampling automation system
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