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CHAD Industries Provides Automation For New Asymtek Dispensing Equipment
October, 2012

CHAD Industries To Exhibit Automated Handling of Electrostatic Carrier Wafers With Automated SMIF Pod Delivery At SEMICON West 2012
July, 2012

CHAD Industries Adds Flux Coating & Flux Cleaning Capability To The Inline Loader & Unloader For Any Reflow Oven Process
April, 2012

CHAD Industries Installs Fully Automated Bond Shear Inspection Workcells
December, 2011

CHAD Industries Installs Multiple Workcells Of New Wafer Sorter & Bare Wafer Stocker Product
August, 2011

CHAD Industries To Exhibit Automated Wafer Handling For Thin Wafers At SemiconWest 2011
July, 2011

CHAD Industries Introduces a Semi-Automatic Solar Concentrtor Cell (CPV) Bonding Station the SBA-1
April, 2011

CHAD Industries Will Be Demonstrating Flexible Feeding And Insertion Of Odd Form Components At The IPC APEX Conference And Exhibition
March, 2011

CHAD Industries Can Add Automated Wafer Handling Capabilities to Your Existing Wafer Process Equipment
March, 2011

CHAD Industries to Exhibit Thin Wafer Handling Capabilities at Semicon China
March, 2011

CHAD Industries Launches New SEMI E95 Compliant Software Front End
December, 2010

CHAD Industries Announces LED Wafer Handling Capability
August, 2010

CHAD Industries Announces Low Cost WaferMate at SemiconWest 2010 Trade Show
June, 2010

CHAD Industries Announces First WaferMate System Sold into China
March, 2010

CHAD Industries Announces Agreement with Alpha Omega Power Technologies to Offer Solar Test Systems
March, 2010

Automated Wafer Handling Capability for In-Line Process Equipment
March, 2010

Inline Electrical Testing of Axial Components
January, 2010

Thin Wafer Capabilities from CHAD Industries and DEK Printing Machines
June, 2009

CHAD Industries Announces Implementation of CPV Welding System
January, 2009

CHAD Industries Develops Custom Reticle Handler
January, 2009

CHAD Industries Announces Release of the WaferMate™ Loader and the WaferMate™ Unloader
July, 2008

CHAD Industries Announces Dage Design Win for the WaferMate™ Product Line
October, 2007

CHAD Industries Launches the New IQs™ Odd Form Component Assembly System
October, 2007

CHAD Industries Announces OEM Agreement with DEK International
July, 2007

CHAD Industries Announces Major Design Win for the WaferMate™ Product Line
May, 2007

CHAD Industries to Provide Additional HarnessMate Systems to Boeing
May, 2007

CHAD Industries Announces the Latest Release of the HarnessMate
May, 2007

CHAD Industries Showcases New WaferMate300™ Wafer Handling Workcell at Semicon West 2006
June, 2006

CHAD Industries Introduces the CHAD HarnessMate, a Portable Wire Harness Connector Assembly System
February, 2006

CHAD Industries Introduces 100% Lead Inspection Option for Its Line of Circuit Board Assembly Equipment
January, 2006

CHAD Industries Showcases New WaferMate Wafer Handling Workcell at Semicon West 2005
July, 2005

CHAD Industries Announces Return to the Automation Market as an Independent Automation Solutions Supplier
April, 2004

Programming of Odd-Form Applications Faster and Simpler with the All New CHAD VisionTeach™ Option
January, 2001

The Automated Solution for Wire Harness Assembly Now Available with the New CHAD Seal Plug Insetion System
January, 2001

Now Available! The CHADIQ™ Odd-Form Assembly Product Line with VisionTeach™ Option and Unsurpassed Flexibility
January, 2001

Ergonomics & Programming Enhancements to the CHAD ClinchMaster™ Make it the Intelligent Solution to Semi-Automatic Board Assembly
January, 2001

Introducing the New CHADIQt™ - The Lowest Cost, Most Flexible Odd-Form and Electronics Final Assembly Platform in Its Class
March, 2000

Odd-Form Automation Made Even More Powerful with the CHADIQ™ - Now Offering the AdeptWindows™ Controller with Built-In Ethernet and the Latest Version of AIM
March, 2000

CHAD GuideMaster™ Optimizes Manual Electronics Board Assembly with Laser Light Guidance and In-Line Capabilities
March, 2000

CHAD Patented PIE 3-D Compliant End Effector Provides Unlimited Part Handling Flexibility for the Electronics Industry
January, 2000

The CHAD ClinchMaster™II semi-automatic assembly station - Now Available With An All New Windows NT Operating System
February, 1999

New CHADIQ™ System Revolutionizes Odd-Form Electronics And Final Assembly at Nepcon West 1999
February, 1999

Semi-Automatic Assembly Process Optimized with CHAD Static Tube Feeder
January, 1999

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