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CHAD Industries Installs Multiple Workcells Of New Wafer Sorter & Bare Wafer Stocker Product

August 15, 2011 - Anaheim, CA - CHAD Industries announced today that it has completed multiple customer installations of their new WaferMate300-2SS Sorter/Stocker product.

The CHAD wafer sorter/stocker workcell (WaferMate300-2SS) is designed to provide in-process wafer management for batch manufacturing environments. The compact footprint makes the WaferMate300-2SS ideal for deployment at discrete locations to stage wafers throughout the fab floor. The workcell is connected to the factory system host via SECS/GEM, allowing for fast and efficient wafer management and lot kitting.

The CHAD WaferMate300-2SS workcell is based upon CHAD’s proven WaferMate product line, and incorporates CHAD’s new compact Wafer Buffer Module to provide dense wafer storage. Each Wafer Buffer Module can store up to 150 wafers in a clean Class-1 environment. The basic workcell can accommodate up to four individual Wafer Buffer Modules to provide a wafer storage capacity of up to 600 wafers. However, the workcell is highly configurable to meet different customer inventory requirements (visit for more information).

The WaferMate300-2SS performs dual functions to provide maximum productivity by either sorting wafers, or stocking wafers. In the sorting function, the workcell can receive lot data information from either the factory host or from the operator, and use that data to retrieve wafers from the Wafer Buffer Modules. The wafers are then kitted into the output cassettes for subsequent downstream processing. In this mode the workcell operates to buffer product until it is ready to be processed. In the stocker function, the workcell receives production cassettes from upstream processing, and identifies each wafer before placing them into the secure, clean Wafer Buffer Modules. In this mode the workcell tracks wafer identity to ensure lot integrity and manage yield loss.

The workcell incorporates an optical character reader to identify the wafer ID scribe of each wafer being handled. Edge grip wafer handling and integrated wafer flipping capabilities allow the robot to invert and identify wafers that may have been incorrectly placed in the input cassette. The Wafer Buffer Module incorporates clean air fan filters and ionizer features to store wafers that are very sensitive to damage from ESD.

“We are very excited about this product and the opportunities that it offers” says Scott Klimczak, President of CHAD Industries. “We are gratified that the WaferMate300-2SS was installed at multiple high profile locations with great success. Wafer buffers offer tremendous cost advantages in many processes, and can help fab’s optimize the wafer flow and result with a very quick return on investment. We hope to enable many more customers improve fab floor efficiency with this product. ”

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