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Chad Industries Introduces 100% Lead Inspection Option for Its Line of Circuit Board Assembly Equipment

ANAHEIM, Calif., Jan 13, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Chad Industries Inc., a leading supplier of Odd Form Circuit Board Assembly equipment, today announced a 100 percent under board lead inspection option (patent-pending) for its line of automated and semi-automated circuit board assembly systems.

The new option allows for 100 percent of the leads to be inspected during the insertion process. The new option has been adapted to Chad Industries' industry-leading Odd Form Circuit Board Assembly systems allowing customers to truly reach "Zero Defects" for these difficult-to-insert Odd Form components.

A camera has been mounted to a programmable X-Y stage below the board and inspects the leads once they have been inserted. The flexibility of the programmable stage allows the camera to move with the robot to each new location on the board as well as to multiple locations on the board for each insertion required for large parts.

"Driven by our customer demands to trap defects of Odd Form thru-hole components during the board assembly and not at a distant test station, Chad Industries developed a new vision tool and process to meet these needs," said Scott Klimczak, president of Chad Industries. "With this new design we are inspecting the component leads where it matters, after the part has been inserted."

The new lead inspection tool uses Adept Vision sAVI(TM). The standard CHAD automated insertion systems are controlled by Adept SmartServo(TM) controls. The tightly integrated vision and robot control allowed a seamless integration of the controls into the existing programming architecture.

"CHAD has always been on the leading edge of adapting the Adept suite of products in the circuit board assembly arena. This is another example of an excellent use of the integrated robotics and vision in the manufacturing environment," said Robert Bucher, chairman and CEO of Adept Technology Inc.

Chad Industries designs, manufactures and markets wafer handling solutions for the semiconductor industry, mechanical and odd-form component assembly solutions for the electronics industry, liquid handling solutions for the life sciences industry, and other automated handling, assembly and test solutions. CHAD began operations in 1973 and established leadership in the electronics assembly for odd-form component to printed circuit assembly (CHAD IQ(TM) Product Line), and has expanded their solutions expertise to include semiconductor, fiber optics, and life sciences solutions. More information is available at

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