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CHAD Industries Develops Custom Reticle Handler

Corning Tropel Selects CHAD as Automation Supplier for the Tropel® UltraFlat™ Automated Photomask Measurement Tool

January '09, ANAHEIM, CA - CHAD Industries announced today that it has been working closely with the Metrology Instruments group at Corning Tropel Corporation as an automation supplier for the Tropel® UltraFlat™ Photomask Form Measurement System.

CHAD designed a flexible 6-axis robot workcell to manage the photomask loading for the automated UltraFlat tool. Two workcell configurations have been completed, with plans for additional options. The workcell design and application required additional consideration due to the precision and tolerance requirements of the photomask materials, as well as the cleanliness requirements for the measurement process.

Beyond the technical aspects of this project, the customer required the first production machine to be designed and delivered within a very tight time frame. The development required concurrent engineering by CHAD Industries and Corning Tropel to meet the aggressive schedule.

“Corning Tropel came to us with a very specific need and timeline requirement in order to meet their customer expectations. We immediately engaged Corning Tropel’s design group and provided a design proposal in a matter of weeks,” explained Scott Klimczak, President of CHAD Industries. “This is another example of CHAD Industries' ability to quickly react to our customer needs adapting our experience and knowledge to create a new Semiconductor platform for our customer.”

The Automated Tropel UltraFlat System is one of several configurations available to the high-end photomask industry. This option meets a very specific market requirement from the mask substrate and coated blank suppliers. These products are produced and measured in high volume to meet mask shop needs for a variety of next-generation lithography applications. The robotic workcell option from CHAD provides Corning Tropel UltraFlat customers with the flexibility and throughput they require.

“Successful integration of robotic handling equipment into our existing metrology system required more than a simple vendor-customer relationship. The collaboration between CHAD Industries and Corning Tropel was vital to the success of this project. Their engineering team had a great deal of experience integrating robots into a wide range of applications. They helped us select the best solution, provided an excellent design and product, all within our aggressive schedule,” said Tom Dunn, Engineering Manager at Corning Tropel.

CHAD Industries ( designs, manufactures and markets automated wafer handling solutions and is the leading manufacturer of non-standard wafer handling solutions to the semiconductor industry.

Corning Incorporated ( is a diversified technology company that concentrates its efforts on high-impact growth opportunities. Corning combines its expertise in specialty glass, ceramic materials, polymers and the manipulation of the properties of light, with strong process and manufacturing capabilities to develop, engineer and commercialize significant innovative products for the telecommunications, flat panel display, environmental, semiconductor, and life sciences industries.

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For more information on Corning Tropel UltraFlat Photomask inspection systems, visit the Corning Tropel Metrology Instruments website at or contact Jeff Grissom, Metrology Sales Manager, at 585-388-3579.

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