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Inline Electrical Testing of Axial Components

Jan 11, 2010, Anaheim, CA - CHAD Industries, a leading provider of Odd Form Insertion equipment, has added to its line of circuit board assembly equipment the capability for inline electrical testing of axial components. This is a new optional feature for the CHAD AF Axial Tape Feeder.

The CHAD AF Axial Tape Feeder provides the capability of feeding, cutting and forming axial parts from Class I, II or III tape. The new inline test feature adds the capability to perform continuity and resistance testing on each component as it feeds through the feeder. This feature protects against polarized parts being loaded incorrectly and inserted into the board in the wrong orientation.

This new feature is now being used in production for the inspection of diodes and resistors which are being inserted into automotive control systems. The automobile manufacturer requires a zero-defect capable process. By testing the components in this way, the system insures that the correct parts are being loaded by the operator, and that they are loaded in the correct orientation.

The CHAD AF Axial Tape Feeder is just one of the line of parts feeders available for the CHAD IQ line of Odd Form Insertion systems. Chad also offers radial taped component feeders, tubed component feeders, continuous header component feeders as well as feeders for bulk components. This allows the CHAD IQ systems to handle just about any odd form thru-hole part in an application.

The CHAD IQ line of workcells includes the CHAD IQs, which provides the versatility to accept a broad mix of feeders, grippers and special tooling. It also features CHAD’s programmable single pin clinch system. The CHAD IQp offers a smaller, lower cost system for more focused and lower throughput applications.

CHAD applications engineers will look at each application and evaluate the specific equipment configuration that is best for the situation.

About CHAD Industries:
CHAD Industries designs, manufactures and markets odd-form electronics assembly equipment, automated solar cell manufacturing systems, and semiconductor wafer handling solutions. CHAD is privately owned and has been in the automation business for more than 35 years.

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