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CHAD Industries Announces Release of the WaferMate™ Loader and the WaferMate™ Unloader

Integrated 125mm to 300mm Wafer Loader and Unloader Systems for Use With Third Party Oven Suppliers

July '08, ANAHEIM, CA - CHAD Industries, Inc., a leading supplier of factory automation solutions for the semiconductor, electronics, micro assembly and solar industries, announced today the release of their integrated 125mm to 300mm wafer loader and unloader system for use with third party oven suppliers.

CHAD has combined it’s proven WaferMate™ wafer handlers and wafer handling technology to interface with an oven, and communicate intelligently with each other to manage the loading and unloading process. Using it’s patent pending wafer conveyor design, the CHAD WaferMate™ loader workcell can smoothly transition a wafer to the oven belt. The same wafer conveyor can be used at the other end of the oven to receive the processed wafer. Special tooling features on the wafer conveyor are used to orientate the wafer and present it repeatably to the WaferMate™ unloader work cell for pick up.

The WaferMate™ is controlled by CHAD WaferWare™ software that offers intelligent wafer tracking software to efficiently and safely manager the wafers through the process. Loading and unloading is a continuous process that requires the process never stops no matter what the production conditions are. This can increase the risk for wafer collisions and possible wafer damage if the process is not properly controlled. WaferWare™ tracks and balances the numbers of wafers loaded into the process so that at all times the unloader has the capacity to remove the wafers from the process. The result is a robust product that ensures that there can never be any more wafers in process than the unloader has capacity to handle.

“Working with our customers, we saw a need for an intelligent, integrated, low-cost solution for loading and unloading process tools. Adapting and enhancing our WaferMate™ product to handle the special needs of our customers, whether it’s a non-standard wafer, customized software or hardware enhancements is our specialty,” says Scott Klimczak, President of CHAD Industries. “In this application, our team provided specialized wafer tracking software and a flexible system that will run wafers from 125mm to 300mm.

Kim Ang, Managing Director of Eberts Electronics (S) Pte Ltd and VA Innovation Pte Ltd, stated, "CHAD has done a wonderful job, and has meet all conditions including the delivery well ahead of the scheduled delivery time. The system is now running very well at the customer’s factory. Thank you to CHAD for being a wonderful partner."

CHAD Industries designs, manufactures and markets automated wafer handling solutions and is the leading manufacturer of non-standard wafer handling solutions to the semiconductor industry. More information is available at

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