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Chad Industries to Provide Additional HarnessMate Systems to Boeing

The Systems Help Improve Efficiency of Wire Harness Production at the Aerospace Company's Electrical Product Center in Mesa, Ariz.

May '07, ANAHEIM, CA -Chad Industries Inc. today announced it has received an order from Boeing for 10 HarnessMate semi-automated wire insertion machines.

Boeing already uses 15 of the portable, laser-guided connector assembly systems at its Electrical Product Center in Mesa, Ariz. There, the aerospace company produces wire harnesses HarnessMate laser guided wire harness connector assembly system, for some of the world’s most advanced military aircraft including the F-15 Eagle, F/A-18 Super Hornet, AH-64D Apache Longbow and the C-17 Globemaster III. Boeing has ordered the 10 additional machines to further support productivity improvements.

“To be effective, Boeing needs to sustain high rates of production without losing quality,” said Fred Edman, manager of Manufacturing Research & Development at the Mesa facility. “Tools that increase throughput without compromising quality are essential in our increasingly competitive business environment.”

Boeing was already using Chad Industries bench units in its wire harness assembly operations, but it needed a more compatible solution for its Lean moving production line. Several years ago, Boeing and Chad Industries partnered to develop the portable HarnessMate unit, which helps operatorHarnessMate laser guided wire harness connector assembly system, s perform their job 30 to 40 percent faster.

Along with efficiency, the engineers designed HarnessMate with ergonomics in mind, by providing laser-guided illumination of the insertion points for the wire assembly connectors. This feature helps reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries from eye, hand, shoulder and back strain that an operator could experience in performing the precise assembly work, which requires intense concentration. Boeing has even recognized its engineering team who helped develop the HarnessMate, with an Environmental, Safety and Health Innovation Annual Award, for bringing ergonomic improvements to the wire harness assembly process.

“The cooperation and creative effort put forth by the Boeing and Chad Industries engineers who developed HarnessMate has resulted in an innovative harness assembly tool,” said Scott Klimczak, president of Chad Industries.

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