450mm Wafer Handling System

The WaferMate450™ is a highly configurable, BOLTS-compatible robotic wafer-handling cell that mates high performance with cost competitiveness.

The WaferMate450™ pairs expertly with all types of process tools and environments.
For BEOL such as wafer level packaging, the WaferMate450™ is configured with side and rear handoff to address all wafer handling requirements. The tool is ideal for traditional conveyor-style layouts such as screen printers, bonders, dispensers, inspection and plasma tools as well as for more typical EFEM layouts.

As a class-1 clean FEOL EFEM, the WaferMate450™ includes all applicable mini-environment components, E84 compliance, and rear hand-off.

CHAD’s systems are made highly effective with WaferWare™, a third-generation, flexible software suite that allows wide-ranging application and GUI control.

The WaferMate450™ is a 450mm automation platform that can be adapted for 300mm and smaller substrates with the addition of CHAD’s cassette shelf module, CHAD’s SMIF-EZ™ pod opener for SMIF environments, or FOUP bridge tools.

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PDF of WaferMate 450 Wafer Handling System
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