LED Wafer Handling Systems

The WaferMateLED series of wafer handlers are a high performance robotic wafer-handling platform engineered specifically for handling LED wafers and substrates.

There are two WaferMateLED platoforms designed to address the different LED wafer sizes and general application complexity. The WaferMateLED150™ is designed to handle 2" and 4" LED wafers and has been designed to minimize factory footprint. The WaferMateLED200™ handles LED wafers sizes from 2" to 6" and can be configured to address a wide range of special application requirements.

The WaferMateLED series of wafer handlers have unique solutions to LED automation including LED grippers, enhancments to the aligner technology, and special LED mapping hardware. A suite of software features has been devloped for WaferWare™ to seemlessly integrate the LED wafer handling technology into the new platform.

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PDF of CHAD WaferMate200 200 mm wafer handling system
MOVIE of 200mm wafer handling system
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