The CHAD SMIF-EZ is the latest product offering in CHAD’s 200mm SMIF pod opener line, designed for use on CHAD Flexible Front Ends and for OEM integration. Utilizing a single, centrally mounted lead screw, the SMIF-EZ has smooth motion and eliminates the binding/hunting possible in dual screw/motor designs. Designed for a compact footprint with CE/Semi compliance, the CHAD SMIF-EZ provides an economical, high-performance solution to contamination control for 200mm systems. Featuring adjustment free pod lock mechanisms, an optimized stepper motor drive and a modular build/test design, the CHAD SMIF-EZ provides the integration solution for today’s leading edge 200mm wafer processing systems.

· BOLTS Compatible
· Single, Centrally Mounted Motor and Ball Screw
· Optional Wafer Protrusion Detection
· Optional Copper Interlock Pin
· Hard Stop Pod Lock Mechanisms
· Modular Configuration with Major Module Field Replaceable Items
· Minimum Air Pressure Interlock

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BOLTS Compatible
SMIF Interface
200mm SMIF Loadport
  PDF of SMIF POD opener  

Image of BOLTS-Compatible SMIF Interface

  Movie of SMIF Pod Opener  
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