Wafer Stocker

The CHAD Wafer Stocker was designed to provide a modular wafer stocker option to be added to any BOLTS compatible automated wafer handling system. Providing a modular approach to optimizing the fab floor with localized stocked bare wafers or test wafers at the point of need. Localized wafer stockers provide a reliable way to greatly enhance the efficiency of existing AMHS systems in the fab.

The Wafer Stocker can also be used as a wafer buffer to collect and stock wafers in a fab at critical process tools and optimize the FOUP or cassette inventory for bottle neck process equipment.

The CHAD Wafer Stocker can be integrated in to any of the CHAD WaferMate300 series wafer sorting systems. Specialty sorting and buffering requirements can be developed for any specific fab floor optimization requirement.

Each Wafer Stocker/Buffer can store 150 200mm wafers or 100 300mm wafers. The BOLTs compatible configuration make the stockers ultra flexible. A single stocker can be deployed to an automated wafer handling system, or every BOLTS compatible position can have a stocker. As the fab floor optimization needs change, the wafer stockers can be redeployed to other areas with out moving the entire wafer handling system.

The BOLTS compatibility offers the potential for retrofitting current sorters in the fab with a wafer stocker unit.

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