Automated Wafer Handling for Inline Process Equipment

Loading and unloading solutions for inline process equipment utilize CHAD WaferMate™ series workcells for proven wafer handling. Suitable loading and unloading applications are to service a reflow oven, or to service a wafer cleaner.

The loader workcell communicates directly with the unloader workcell so that they can track the status of each wafer. CHAD’s software monitors how many wafers are in process at any one time, and correlates that against the wafer storage capacity at the unloader workcell. Doing this ensures that there are never more wafers loaded onto the process equipment than can be safely unloaded after processing.

If an operator does not replenish the full cassette/FOUP at the unloader in a timely manner, then the unloader workcell will alert the operator. At the same time the unloader workcell starts removing wafers from the process equipment and places them into a buffer cassette located inside the unloader workcell. The software starts to count down the available wafer storage inventory at the unloader workcell, and will eventually stop loading wafers into the process equipment when it predicts that wafer capacity will be met.

The WaferMate loader and unloader workcells interface with the process equipment using CHAD’s Wafer Conveyor. The wafer conveyor design permits automated wafer handling integration with any inline process tool belt profile. The conveyor has variable speed motors to match the speed of the inline process equipment, so that wafers are transitioned smoothly without scratching.

Key Benefits:

  • Wafer tracking to monitor the status of all wafers in process
  • Adjustable conveyor speed for smooth wafer transition to prevent scratches
  • Suitable for any inline process equipment belt profile
  • Proven wafer handling workcells for safe and reliable wafer handling
  • Built in wafer buffer to service process tool during FOUP/Cassette swap
  • Expandable for multiple input and output FOUP's/Cassettes
  • Configurable for non-standard wafers

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Image of WaferMate Loader and WaferMate Unloader Systems

PDF of CHAD wafer loader and unloader product sheet
Movie of CHAD wafer loader and unloader
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