Film Frame Handling System

The CHAD Film-Frame Handler (FFH) provides cost effective automated film-frame handling for back-end metrology and advanced packaging process equipment. The CHAD FFH supports up to 300mm wafer film frames and minimizes film frame swap time, thereby maximizing the overall process equipment throughput.

The CHAD Film-Frame Handler system is based on Adept SmartModule linear mechanisms and the Adept SmartServo distributed motion controller architecture. It is designed for SEMI S2/S8 and includes intelligent integrated sensing for cassette presence, cassette size and height. It also has two independently interlocked loadports. Available design options include SMEMA-compliance, compatibility with overhead transfer and personal guided vehicle mechanisms. Barcode readers for film frame ID, RF tag readers for cassette ID, film-frame cassette mapping and film-frame protrusion options are also available.

200 mm film frame cassette

Film Frame Handing System

PDF of CHAD FFH film frame handling system
Movie of CHAD automated film frame handing system
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