Semiconductor Wafer Handling Equipment

CHAD Industries is a pioneer in the area of wafer and substrate handling for WLP (Wafer Level Packaging) applications. Working closely with its customers, CHAD has developed solutions for handling a variety of substrates, from 50mm to 300mm diameter wafers; warped, thin and glass wafers as well as wafers mounted on film frame. CHAD provides cost-effective solutions by utilizing standard robotic platforms and then designing in special end-effectors, wafer aligners, cassette tilters, and other custom elements to meet the exact requirements of the specific application.

To provide the best solution possible, CHAD leverages its extensive experience in the integration of all types of robots, (i.e. SCARA, linear axis, 6-axis, etc.) controllers, and vision systems from companies such as Adept, Panasonic, Newport, Yaskawa, and Cognex. When needed, CHAD has also designed custom robots to address specific customer requirements.

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Image of WaferMate300 300mm Automated Wafer Handling
Image of wafer handling robot moving wafer to custom platen
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