Semiconductor Peripheral Equipment

In the devlopment of custom applications for our customers, we have created a tool box of third party and CHAD designed peripheral equipment. These tools are available and readily adaptable for your custom application.

Special tools for thin wafers, glass wafers, warped wafers, heavily grooved wafers, , wafer heaters, wafer coolers and custom wafer transfer stations, as well as special considerations for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are available.

SMIF pod opener
CE/SEMI Compliant
Adaptable to 150mm wafers.

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Image of SMIF POD opener for 200 mm wafers
PDF of SMIF POD opener
Movie of SMIF pod opener




Precision stepper controlled wafer tilter. Configurable to any wafer cassette.



Image of Wafer Tilter
Movie of wafer cassette tilter for 200 mm wafers



Wafer Grippers
300mm edge, 200mm contact and non-contact grippers. Thin wafer and glass wafer capability.


Image of wafer gripper
Movie of wafer handling grippers
Wafer mapper for 150mm to 300mm wafers integrated with robot.
Image of wafer mapper for automated wafer handling systems
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