Solar Cell Automation

CHAD Industries' goal is to provide you with production solutions for your solar module manufacturing processes whether you are just starting up or looking toward megawatt-scale production. CHAD offers equipment for all solar markets.

CHAD is a turnkey automation provider with an experienced engineering staff, capable technical assembly personnel, and customer service support worldwide. Our staff will work with you to provide the right equipment for your current needs and support you along the path to your future goals. We offer a variety of equipment for the automation of many aspects of your particular solar module manufacturing processes.

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Offered Capabilities:

  • Solar Cell Loading & Unloading
  • Solar Cell Package Handling
  • Vision Location Refinement
  • Solar Cell Vision Inspection
  • Interconnect Feeding and Handling
  • Solar Cell Interconnecting (bonding, soldering, welding)
  • Solar Simulator Integration
  • IV Test Integration & Test Nest Tooling
  • Solar Cell Sorting
  • Solar Concentrator Optical Assembly
  • Adhesive Dispensing and Curing
  • Integration of Optical Instrumentation
Photovoltaic (PV) Cell Handling and Automation
Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV) Handling and Automation
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