Wire Harness Assembly Automation

CHAD wire harness assembly automation tools significantly improve production yields and cycle times.

The HarnessMate laser guided wiring harness tool, a device used for assisting the wiring harness industry by improving speed and accuracy in working with connectors for wire and pin insertion.  Decrease labor costs and increase efficiency through improved accuracy and ergonomics.

The HarnessMate assists wiring harness professionals with an easy-to-operate machine that quickly locates the proper insertion point for each pin or wire. The HarnessMate system assists the operator by using a laser to indicate each insertion point. Guided harness wiring saves labor hours, prevents errors and increases production yields.

CHAD is committed to providing customers with dependable, high-quality machines. Chad Industries can custom design equipment for your company's needs. Click here to find information on other CHAD wire harness products.

  • Increase Harness Production Yields
  • Improve Wiring Cycle Times
  • Decrease Labor Costs
  • Portable and Ergonomic
  • Simple Setup and Easy to Use
HarnessMate Product Information PDF
Movie of HarnessMate vs. Manual Wiring Harness Production

End the time consuming practice of counting holes for pin and wire placement in the production of wire harnesses.  Reduce errors by indicating correct wire and pin placement with the use of laser light.
  Workers will experience reduced eye strain, improved ergonomics, reduced fatigue, increased job satisfaction through improved wiring harness production techniques.  The HarnessMate can aid users and operators in quickly producing harnesses with error-free results.
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